Vista Cinema

The Vista Cinema system is used by a range of exhibitors, from single screen independent cinemas, to circuits with more than 100 sites and 1000 screens. Having been developed with the needs of the worldwide exhibition community in mind, Vista Cinema is highly flexible and easy to use.

Vista’s extensive product line covers Box Office, Concessions, Head Office and a variety of sales channels including Facebook Ticketing and Web, Call Centre, IVR, Mobile POS and Kiosk.

Vista has created a true enterprise system for the cinema exhibitor. The modular system means that whether you run 1 cinema or 100 cinemas, Vista has all the functionality you need to help run your cinemas the way you want.

Discover for yourself why our clean look and feel, advanced functionality, high reliability and low cost of ownership have made Vista a global leader in the cinema software market place.

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Product Model

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Box Office
The Vista Box Office system forms the core of cinema operations.


Vista Web
Vista Web allows movie goers to pre-book and pay for movie tickets using the Internet.

Concession Sales
The Vista Concessions System has the advantage of mixed ticket and concession selling or separate selling points for each.

Call Centre
Vista Call Centre provides you with the flexibility to run your own call centre, outsource it, or have a mixture of both.

Food & Beverage
This module is able to support cinema managers, front of house and kitchen staff, all within the one system.

Vista Kiosk allows customers to purchase tickets and concessions, or pick up pre-paid bookings.

Vista InTouch is designed to deliver the sales, KPI, staff and cashier information that a manager needs, when they need it, from wherever they are in the cinema.

Mobile POS
Vista Mobile POS allows cinema operators to reduce box office and concessions queuing.

Vista CashDesk allows you to securely track all box office and concessions takings.

Head Office
Vista Head Office provides many functions to streamline the management and reporting of your cinemas.

Staff Scheduling
Vista’s Staff Scheduling provides an invaluable tool for the efficient scheduling and recording of staff time.

Film Programming
Vista Film Programming effectively manages the planning, booking and creation of show-time schedules at the theatre.

Air Conditioning
Vista Air Conditioning allows you to regulate the air flow in all areas of your cinema.

Vista’s Loyalty system provides true multi-site and multi-channel support for cinema loyalty and marketing activities.

Digital Signage
Vista Signage gives you complete control over the display of all your trailers, advertising and show times.

Vouchers & Gift Cards
Vista Vouchers & Gift Cards effectively manages all vouchers and coupons in your cinema.

Vista UsherPoint allows customers to validate their pre-purchased tickets directly at a ticket taking station.

Technical Architecture
Vista’s technical architecture has been designed to serve you well now, and in the future.

Telephone Ticketing (IVR)
The Vista IVR system can provides a 24-hour sales outlet for your cinema at no extra cost.

Facebook Ticketing
Vista’s Facebook application enables customers to check show times, purchase tickets, make bookings and more.

Vista Mobile
With the Vista Mobile Cinema app customers can look up show times, purchase tickets and more from their iPhone or Android device

Group Sales
Provides an overview of upcoming group bookings. Better visibility of events will help manager’s improve customer service to clients.